Who are we?

We are a basement contractor based in Burlington Ontario and we service all the surrounding areas including Mississauga, Milton, Burlington and Oakville. Over the years we have built up a wide customer base that can vouch for our reliability and great service provision. We have been in the basement construction field for many years now and have built up a wealth of experience from working on different and diverse projects. We have been an industry leader for a while now due to our superior service provision which is aimed at both short and long term solutions.

Over the years we have gained different perspectives on how to best work on your needs and as a result have gained a wealth of experience and come up with new, innovative ways to work on basement projects. Our technicians are experienced and highly trained to better serve you and as a company we hold professionalism in the highest esteem possible and always stress on it so that the customer is always left fulfilled and satisfied with the outcome of the project and lifelong partnerships are harnessed in the course of the project. Our staff is friendly, personable and most of all knowledgeable on the various aspects of basement work so you can be sure that when we work on your basement the work done is top notch and done with a unique perspective of both experience, company guidelines and highly trained knowledge.

We pride ourselves on the use of quality products in all our projects which are also durable to give the customers the best value for money they can possibly get. Our customers are our pride and we do everything possible to make their interactions with us memorable and pleasing, combined with decisive and good craftsmanship we add quality materials and the result is a positive and long lasting project.

Our services

We offer a variety of services to the people of Burlington Ontario and the surrounding areas. We have provided services for a while and the quality standard is a constant, we keep to very high standards as our customers have come to expect of us and we deliver on our reliability as usual. Service provision is held in very high regard in our company and our staff is always friendly, professional and courteous towards our customers. Our use of the best quality material in the market and keeping to the market trends using the latest and best models is unflagging and coupled with good skill we deliver on our promise of good service delivery.

We offer a multitude of services that include;

-Basement remodeling.

-Basement flooring.

-Basement dry- walling.

-Basement lighting.

-Basement bathroom.

Basements are mostly abandoned rooms and are spaces where dust is left to accumulate and the least taken care of room. Basements are spaces of the house and should not be neglected as such, just like any space in the house it can be rehabilitated and made into a pleasant, stylish and accommodating space. No need to expand your house while your basement sits idle, repair it and style it according to any design you see fit and we will be here to make your vision come true.

Service area

Klem basements has provided service to the people of Burlington Ontario and the immediate surroundings for many years now and have come to be known for our consistent, long haul and reliable services over time. Our customers believe in our services and the materials we use that are of the highest possible quality and durable so that you do not have to renovate or repair your basement for a long time yet. Basements have commonly been abandoned and are never considered when the house is getting either a design or structural uplift, but modern home owners are bucking this trend and are increasingly using their basements for a variety of purposes including turning them into bedrooms, play rooms, game rooms or installing basement bathrooms.

Our staff has been noted for their extreme professionalism, friendly demeanor and superior customer relation skills, we make your projects our priority  and make you as comfortable as possible using the most cost friendly and time effective methods possible all the while not compromising on the quality of materials used in the construction. Contact us for all your basement contractor needs and we will handle your project with the highest efficiency possible with excellent long term results.

Our projects

Over the years we have been involved in numerous projects in and around the Burlington Ontario area and have been in the basement contractor’s field for a while now. We have worked on many projects involving basements and many have been diverse giving us the necessary experience and unique perspective of working on a number of factors and different machinery. Working on basement remodeling, basement flooring, basement lighting and basement bathrooms has been fulfilling and rewarding since we take every individual project as a challenge and we take into account the customer’s preferences and vision to make them actualize their dreams.

We have always strived to work with the best quality material available so as to properly cater to your needs and you will not need to repair and replace individual parts any time soon after we have handled your project, the one thing we do not compromise on is quality and our customers have come to appreciate this fact. The materials we use on your projects are the latest in the market depending on their effectiveness and durability since all our projects are geared towards both solving a short term need or problem and catering to a long term need in terms of durability and no future cost implications due to repairs.